Traffic Calming and a Cycle-path for Waterston

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Specific to Waterston this one, but no less important.

It is unacceptable that Waterston continues to be separated from any of their neighboring communities by dangerous roads and no provision for either pedestrians or cyclists. I have been fighting with the Council for a number of years now to get them to implement a new pedestrian / cycle link to and from the village as well as to do something that will actually slow traffic through the village.

While we’ve still no agreement from the Council to fund these improvements I promise you I’m going to keep fighting all the way on this. A bit of a ‘nuclear’ option for me, but having been getting nowhere fast I put a motion down to full council in March calling for these improvements to be funded and implemented. If I’m fortunate enough to still represent Waterston at the next meeting of Full Council (Scheduled for May), all 60 County Councillors will be debating this important scheme for Waterston.

Traffic Calming

A number of years ago we introduced the mini-roundabout to Waterston. I fully accept that this has not, on it’s own, slowed traffic much but it is part of a wider scheme which I very much hope is coming soon.

The Council have, at my insistence, drawn up a scheme for the calming of traffic through the village which I believe will make a huge difference to speeds through the village. That plan basically consists of;

  • A speed table (speed bump the full width of the road) on the Neyland side of the village (between the old school and the start of the terrace houses on main road)
  • Another speed table outside the playpark entrance
  • A restriction to a single lane flow outside of the old village shop (creating secure parking and giving priority to vehicles leaving the village – slowing down those coming in)

You can see the full drawing by clicking below.

Scheme Sketch Layout

I am still fighting with the Council for funding for the scheme but I’m confident we can make it happen and I’ll be fighting with you every step of the way to make sure it does.

Cycle Path

The Council have also drawn up a scheme for a cyclepath (from Waterston Village to Sentry Cross – where it will join the main cycle network).

While not there yet, we have been making slow progress and to prove this isn’t something I’ve just picked up for the election please see a sample of correspondence between myself and the highways department over the years.

May 2016

April 2013

[There’s lots more than two but it give you an idea of when I started and how it’s going…]

It’s going to be a difficult fight to get them to fund it but I’m going to be fighting with you every step of the way. I put a motion to full Council for debate in March (which will be formally considered as soon as council resumes) calling for the Council to complete the cyclepath by the end of next year.

You can view the terms of the motion here. (Agenda Item 142.)

If re-elected, the motion will be up for debate at the first meeting of Full Council. I’ll be doing all I can to make sure they do just that!

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