Our Plan for Pembrokeshire

Pembrokeshire is a fantastic place. I was born here, I went to Sir Thomas Picton School and after University I was determined to return and make Pembrokeshire my home again.

I’m really nervous that Pembrokeshire is starting to fall behind fast but we can’t just sit back and accept that decline is inevitable.

Thousands of conversations with Pembrokeshire people have helped me develop a Plan for Pembrokeshire and now I need your help to put it into action.

With vision and leadership we can get Pembrokeshire back on the right path. Not only a place to visit but a great place to live and work. Our current politicians are letting us down.

The Plan for Pembrokeshire

The best healthcare for your family, with care close to home
My clinical advisory group of 12 local healthcare professionals are working with me to try and ensure the return of overnight paediatric care, the recruitment of more A&E consultants and real investment in community healthcare. (Read More)

A job that pays, in an industry to be proud of
I’ll be beating the drum for Pembrokeshire, doing whatever it takes to bring jobs and industry back here. I’m also determined to get a local funding circle off the ground, to provide real cash support to existing and potential small businesses. (Read More)

Returning some trust to Pembrokeshire’s politics
I’ll stay on as a councillor to continue the fight against the corruption which has been rife in our county. Pembrokeshire will always remain my focus, but I won’t take a council salary. (Read More)

The best start for our children
I’m working with teachers to provide an alternative plan for improving our schools. The one size fits all model just won’t work for Pembrokeshire and I know there’s a better way.

Re-energising our Town Centers
I work in town centre regeneration so I’m determined to push through a real and thought out plan for our Town Centres. The recent decline has to be reversed.

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