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As I’m out visiting people on the doorstep, one thing that crops up a fair bit are the plans for the former infants school site in Charles Street.  For those that don’t already know, here’s the background.

Last year, Pembrokeshire Housing began negotiations with the Council to acquire the former Infants School, Day Centre and Youth Club in Charles Street, Neyland. The Housing Association produced a plan for the redevelopment of that site which envisaged 42 new homes for the town.

52129 Site Layout Plan April 2016 (7)

Disappointed that the community had not been consulted on this development I organized a public meeting in order to ensure that everyone in the community had the opportunity to view the plans in detail and give their views direct to the council and housing association officers in charge of the scheme.

I was delighted when nearly 80 people attended and following that meeting it was clear that there were a number of concerns;

  • The amount of green space being lost to development
  • How the site was to be accessed
  • The pressure additional housing would put on Neylands existing public services
  • How the housing would be allocated to tenants – i.e. would local people be given a fair chance.

After the meeting I met Pembrokeshire Housing and Council officers on a number of occasions and following those meetings Pembrokeshire Housing has agreed to reduce the number of units on the site from 44 to 33. The revised plans are available here.

The revised plans increase the amount of green space retained on the site considerably and Pembrokeshire Council has agreed to transfer this space to Neyland Town Council, in order that it may for ever be retained as green and open space.

In addition, a 20mph speed limit is to be implemented in Charles Street this summer and speed monitoring will be taking place imminently as a precursor to the introduction of that 20mph limit.

I have also had initial discussions with the Housing Department about the allocation of any new properties developed as part of this scheme. My firm view is that 100% of the properties must be allocated to those with a local connection to Neyland and I’m determined to make sure that’s what happens. They have done that elsewhere – they should do it here too!

There are, I know, still a lot of questions people have and some concerns too. My only interest in this development is to represent my constituents and once you’ve studied the new proposals please do get in touch with any comments or observations (click get in touch at the top of this site).

If these latest proposals are still not acceptable then I assure you I will keep fighting your corner until we get something that is. We have to have this site re-developed (it’s serving no useful purpose at all left as it is) but if we do it right then I believe we can all benefit.

You can also email your comments directly to Pembrokeshire Housing (and I would encourage anyone with a view to do so).


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